Ecle Studio

Condensed and Curated.


The amount of time I spent trying to say ‘about’, and not have it not just sound like ‘aboot’, while writing this sentence, is about the same amount of time as I spend actually writing  a 250 word story (about twenty five minutes).

I work on a condensed story for a little more than an hour, spending 30 minutes of it reading several other news prints reporting on such and such event, maybe 4 or 5 separate articles.

When I’m actually writing the story I use a list of mental and physical notes to try and explain the basic events, while also doing additional research on things that I know nothing about or feel like could be explained in a better way, citing where I got any information of course.

The last five or so minutes I spend rereading the entire thing a few times to make sure I didn’t briefly give up on the English language or put a comma after every third word.

So the news stories are really just little packs of information, I hope, presented in a way that is logically consequential. Allowing you to understand enough of it to be interested and know what else you want to know about it.



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