US standing in the world appeared to take a beating this week as fellow members of the Group of 7 spoke out against the US’s recent decisions on trade.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her belief that the European Union must take steps toward greater independence from the United States and counter recent attempts to push  the union around on trade.

Merkel said in a statement that the EU was preparing retaliatory measures against the US’s decision to impose steel and aluminium tariffs on a number of its key allies.

This was accompanied by the suggestion that the Germany should boost its own military spending, not because of threats by the US, but because the Chancellor no longer thought the US was reliable

Canada, which also announced its own counter measures to the US trade tarrifs, announced the creation of a G7 communique at the conclusion of the meetings, not long later Trump announced that the US would be pulling out of the recently formed pact.

The German Chancellor said the US’s decision to pull out of a G7 communique was “sobering” and “depressing”.

The sentiment of waning US power was surmised by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Stolberg, who, though not a member of the G7, was a guest during the meetings in Quebec.

“It’s important to remember that the U.S. isn’t the same driving force as it used to be,” said the Prime Minister, adding that there are more growing economies which could be relied on instead.

The US, along with Japan, also refused to sign a pact on addressing the growing problem of plastics in the world ocean, further distancing the global leader from the growing climate movement that has started to take centre stage.