April 9th, 2017.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced on Sunday that Chinese President Xi Jinping has agreed that “action has to be taken” against the North Korean regime, Chinese officials have yet to confirm this statement.

Just the day before it was revealed that US navy strike group Carl Vinson had been instructed to change course from making port calls in Australia and instead make port in Singapore. The strike group includes an aircraft carrier.

The decision was made to “maintain readiness and presence in the Western Pacific” said Commander Dave Benham, spokesman at US Pacific Command, who also commented that North Korea is the number one threat in the region.

North Korea has deemed the recent US direct strike on Syrian forces an “intolerable act of aggression” and has said it is justification for its nuclear program.

Meanwhile, Iran and Russia have stated that the US strike crossed a red line and that any future actions will be responded to.

Tentative reports also indicate that the US is investigating a possible Russian connection to Assad’s recent gas attack.