April 7, 2017.

The United States has conducted an air strike against a Syrian government airport. From that airport the Syrian government had conducted a gas bombing campaign on April 4th. The US fired 59 Tomahawk, Missiles, killing 6, in response to the campaign that killed more than 70.

Russian personnel are reported as having been at the base while the serin/chlorine mixture was being loaded. It is being reported that the Russian government was informed of the strike before it occurred, along with numerous other nations.

In domestic US there are questions around the legality of President Trumps use of force, questions which the Russian government are asking on the international stage. Reports that Russia has ended the “deconfliction line” between the two powers, while possibly ending air space agreement with us.

Many US allies are issuing statements backing the decision to use force, Russia called it an “aggression” and a “blow to relations”.

China opposes both US bombing and chemical attack by any nation, calls for prevention of situational deterioration. While strikes were taking place President Trump was attending a summit at the Mar-A-Lago with Chinese President Xi Jing Ping. Trump had recently suggested that “All option were on the table” in finding a solution to North Korea. North Korea fired a missile into the sea.

President of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte has order his military to seize unoccupied territory in the South China Sea.