According to the NBC, the United States has more than 1,000 spies working to secure the Olympic Games in Rio. The “Olympic Watch” includes participation by every single one of the 17 US intelligence agencies.

These agencies include those responsible for military and human intelligence, satellite and electronic spying, as well as general cyber and social media monitoring. The US also has commandos from the Navy and Marine Corps on the ground in Brazil working with the Brazilian Federal Police and Navy.

The US’s 24/7 “Olympic Watch” was put in place last year and is just one of 51 separate efforts by nations to provide intelligence to Brazilian counter-terrorism operations, although it is the largest non-Brazilian effort.

Despite the efforts it has been reported that there have not been any “specific threats” against the Rio Games so far. Although, Brazilian authorities have already arrested several “amateurs”, with alleged ties to the Islamic States, for discussing attacking the Olympic Games.