Cyber Warfare between Russia and the United States has gone public recently, while both sides deny any involvement in the others accusations.

Russian intelligence services, the FSB, say malware has been found in the computers of 20 government bodies, including scientific and military institutions, as well as military defence companies. Reports Reuters.

According to the BBC, the FSB has stated that the malware was able to track keystrokes, take screenshots and turn on the computer’s cameras and microphones.

Russia said on Saturday that it believes America has been actively involved in its government systems and that there is evidence to prove it. Meanwhile US intelligence has stated that it has “High confidence” that the Russian government was involved in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, According to The New York Times.

Russia is being accused of hacking into the DNC’s computers and releasing sensitive emails in an attempt to influence the 2016 presidential elections, something that the nation has denied. BBC.

The emails were distributed to the whistleblowing organization Wikileaks and show the Democratic National Committee’s bias against outside presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. BBC.