The Government of Turkey has announced on Wednesday that 3 news agencies, 15 magazines, 16 television channels, 23 radio stations, 29 publishing houses and 45 daily newspapers have all been ordered to shut down operations.

The closures are a continuation of the Turkish government’s attempts to remove members of the Gulenist-Movement from positions of power, who they believe to be behind July 15ths failed coup attempt.

The announcement was made as part of a larger decree that included the dismissal of 1,684 members of the armed forces, who are allegedly members of the Gulenist-Movement and supported the coup. Among those dismissed 87 army generals, 30 air force generals and 32 admirals.

The coastguard and the gendarmerie, a force which ensures border, internal security and public order outside the range of the police, will now both be controlled by the interior ministry instead of the Turkish army, according to the decree.

This is the second decree issued by the Turkish government since entering a 3 month state of emergency that further centralized power, allowing the government to draft new laws without the permission of the parliament and allowing for the suspension of human rights.