Just 12 days from the beginning of the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro the International Olympic Committee has issued its ruling on the eligibility of Russian athletes, finding that under specific circumstance they will be allowed to participate.

No athlete who has ever served a sanction for doping will be admitted into the Rio Olympics and each athlete must have their anti-doping records analysed and approved, with the absence of a positive doping test conducted on the Russian national level not being considered credible.

Furthermore, any athlete who was specifically outed or implicated in the IP report will not be given the chance to apply for eligibility in the 2016 Rio Olympics and any athlete accepted for the Olympics will be subjected to additional out-of-competition testing.

The entirety of the Russian Track and Field team will, however, remain banned from competing in the Rio Games.

The controversy over Russian athletes originated after the 2015 publication of an independent report from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that exposed a state sponsored doping program within the Russian Track and Field team.

Another report published recently, this time commissioned by WADA, implicated the entirety of Russian sport, both winter and summer, in a doping program conducted by the Russian Ministry of Sport. This lead to calls for the banning of every single Russian athlete from participating in the 2016 Olympic Games.