A group of people claiming to speak for the Turkish military have announced that they have seized control of the Turkish government and are now in charge of the country.

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has released an official statement saying that his government is still in control and that the attempted coup is being carried out by a faction of the army.

The president encouraged the Turkish people to go to public spaces and demonstrate against the coup.

It is being reported that a curfew has been imposed by the military group and that martial law has been imposed.

The military group has taken to the streets in major cities across Turkey, taking over bridges and strategic point in Istanbul, reports that jets have been patrolling the skies above Ankara and that tanks had been firing rounds outside the parliament building.

The military group responsible has claimed that they are seizing power in an attempt to return Turkey to its democratic and secular past.

All reportings are preliminary and likely to become clearer in the future.

Reports that 17 police officers have been killed in an airstrike on the special forces HQ and that the Erdogan government is using jets to destroy helicopters used by. the military group

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