UK prime minister David Cameron announced on Monday that he intends to resign following his House of Commons question-and-answer period on Wednesday. This will open the way for Theresa May to form a new Tory government and take over the Prime Minister position.

Theresa May, currently the Home Secretary, became the final person in the running for the leadership of the Tory party after her only rival for the position, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of the race early on Monday.

Leadsom was trailing May in popularity and ended her bid for the position because she didn’t believe she would be capable of forming an effective government.

On Wednesday David Cameron will make his way to Buckingham Palace where he will offer his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II, who will then offer an invitation to form a government to Theresa May.

Following the Brexit referendum Prime Minister Cameron made the announcement that he will resign from his post by the fall, stating that the United Kingdom needed new leadership to steer the nation out of the European Union.

The responsibility for driving the Brexit now falls to Ms. May, a process which will be politically and economically tumultuous and may result in the dividing of the nation.

Scotland, who overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU during the Brexit, has indicated that they may hold a second referendum on their membership in the UK. The first such referendum took place in 2014 and resulted in 55% voting to remain a part of the UK.