NATO has announced new plans to deploy several battalions of troops to Eastern Europe in an effort to protect those nations feeling threatened by recent Russian actions in the Ukraine and the potential for similar actions in Baltic states and Poland.

Roughly 1,000 troops will be deployed by NATO member states into each of the four Eastern European nations, with one nations taking the lead of each multinational battalion.

The United States will be taking the lead in Poland and will be making the largest single commitment with 1,000 troops being deployed, Britain will be taking the lead in Estonia with 500 troops, Germany will lead a force in Lithuania 500 troops and Canada will lead in Latvia with 450 troops.

Each of the leading states will receive additional troops from other nations, though it has so far been reported that Canada will be the only nation in Latvia.

In response to NATO’s increased deployment the Russian embassy in Canada released a statement criticizing the decision and denouncing the idea that Russia poses a threat. The statement also accused NATO of returning to “Cold War Saber-rattling” instead of encouraging joint efforts to counter “the real existential threat of international terrorism”.

Russia recently announced plans to bolster its forces in the region, with 10,000 troops being deployed along its border with Estonia and Latvia alone and another two groups of 10,000 troops to the south.