Just hours after being sworn into office Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte urged people to go out and kill drug addicts. This is most recent comment was very much in line with his entire presidential campaign in which he repeatedly promised a very real war on crime, calling for the deaths of thousands of criminals.

In the past he had promised his anti-crime program would include reinstating execution in the form of hangings, offering bounties for the bodies of drug dealers and allowing police to shoot and kill criminals.

Duterte had previously admitted to running numerous vigilante groups responsible for the extra-judicial murder of more than a thousand people, which he later redacted, and he expects that his new anti-crime program will result in the deaths of 100,000 people.

According to the Filipino newspaper Philstar, the first two days of Duterte’s presidency have already seen 12 people suspected of being involved with illegal drugs die and more than 700 surrender to police, many of which which were users.