Canada, The United States and Mexico announced an ambitious new goal to generate half of the continents energy from clean or renewable sources. The announcement was made during an annual meeting between the three North American nations known as the ‘Three Amigos summit’.

An average of 37% of power in North America is currently produced cleanly. Canada currently stands as the leader of the three nations with 81% of its energy being clean, the US is second with 32% and Mexico is third with 18%.

North America hopes to achieve 50% clean energy “through a combination of renewable energy, nuclear power, power plants using carbon-capture storage and cutting energy waste through increased efficiency.”

Mexico announced that it will also be joining the other two nations in an agreement which aims to reduce the amount of methane, and other pollutants, produced by the oil and gas industry by between 40-45%. Methane reduction is particularly important as it is a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than CO2.

Also discussed at the summit is the potential for greater connectivity between the three nations energy grids, so as to better utilize renewable energies, and increased focus on protecting the biodiversity which permeates North America, like migratory animals.