According to investigators “several main locations” of the EgyptAir wreckage have been discovered and photographed by a deep sea search vessel.

The John Lethbridge research vessel, which made the discovery while on contract with the Egyptian government, identified several parts of the cabin and will now create a map of the site for the investigators.

The EgyptAir flight disappeared from radar on May 19th while flying over the Mediterranean, all 66 people on board are believed to be dead. Some debris and human remains from the crash have been found on the ocean surface.

According to Greek investigators the plane turned 90 degrees left before going 360 degrees in the opposite direction, while dropping more than 8,000 meters, before disappearing from radar entirely. Data analysis from flight communications revealed that smoke detectors were activated in the aircraft’s toilet and electronics just minutes before it vanished.

In order for investigators to get a clear picture of what happened to the plane they must first recover the aircraft’s black boxes, whose signals have been located within a 1 to 2 kilometer area. However, Egyptian investigators warned on Monday that they will only have until the 24th of June to locate the black boxes before they stop emitting signals.

A terrorist attack has not been ruled out but no organization has made any claim to the crash yet, a technical error seems to be the more likely cause.