Just one day after Thai authorities discovered the bodies of 40 tiger cubs in a freezer inside Thailand’s famous Buddhist Tiger Temple, another cache of 30 tiger cubs has been discovered.

These cubs were were found preserved in jars and were between a few days and a few months old, similar to the ages of the initially discovered cubs. The temple previously explained, under the advice of a vet, that they were keeping the deceased cubs as proof that they weren’t being sold into the animal parts trade.

However, prior to the more recent discovery police had intercepted a pickup truck leaving the temple grounds early on Thursday. The vehicle was carrying cache of items that included more 1,000 talismans made from tiger pelts, 33 pieces of tiger skin, 9 fangs and 2 full size tiger pelts, along with nearly 80 medallions. In the trunk was two members of the public and a monk.

Police raided the temple on Monday after years of trying to shut it down for illegal animal breeding. Many animal rights groups have accused the temple of animal cruelty and running a tiger farm, selling their body parts on the black market.