A Chinese government spokesperson has accused the US of attempting to create a Cold War like environment in an attempt to justify the deployment of greater numbers of troops in the Asian-pacific.

The comments were in response to speech given by Defence Secretary Ashton Carter at the US Naval Academy. In the speech he accused China of enjoying free trade and internet while sometimes choosing to restrict both.

Carter added that China’s recent activity in the South China Sea, the continuous buildup of military infrastructure on man-made islands, is cementing its hold on the region and is increasingly troubling.

He also said that the US is committed to working peacefully to maintain freedom of navigation and commerce. The spokesperson,┬áHua Chunying, told reporters that China has no interest in taking part in “a Hollywood movie written and directed by certain U.S. military officials”.

She added that there are some in the US whose minds continue to exists in the Cold War era and that China has “no interest in any form of Cold War”.