Analyzed data from the Acars system on EgyptAir flight 804 has begun to shed light on the events which took down the plane. Acars systems send short transmissions from planes to receivers on the ground, providing the best available data until the black box of flight 804, which has been located, is recovered.

French authorities have so far confirmed that smoke detectors were triggered a few minutes prior to the crash. This has led many to believe that an explosive or incendiary device were involved in the incident, ruling out the possibility it was flown into the sea.


The sequencing of warnings that were communicated by the Acars system indicate that there was some sort of fire on board and that it spread quickly over the course of a few minutes, before all systems collapsed. There is no way to determine if the fire was deliberate or mechanical in origin.

An unnamed pilot who works for a “major European airline” has noted that the smoke detectors could have also been triggered by fog that formed when the cockpit depressurized.

Further analyses has led to a belief that in some way the right side of the plane suffered greater damage than the left, indicated by three separate warnings that there were faults in the windows next the co-pilot.

The unnamed pilot, who has seen the data, said that this was likely caused by some sort of explosion within the plane, however, the blast may not necessarily have originated from the cockpit itself.

The French Bureau of Investigation has made clear that they have not yet come to any conclusions on the incident but that signs are point to some sort of fire onboard.