President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela declared a 60 day state of emergency on Friday in response to what he described as a plot from the United States to overthrow the nation’s ruling leftist party.

Maduro said in a statement that Washington working in conjunction with, what he describes as, Venezuela’s “Fascist Right”. It is important to note that the US actively supported a short lived coup against Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, in 2002.

US intelligence officials told reporter on Friday that the potential for an economic and political collapse in Venezuela is becoming increasingly worrisome and that they expect Maduro will be removed from his position before the end of his term in 2019.

The recent forward momentum of the referendum in Brazil has left the current Venezuelan government even more exposed, as the two leftist parties have been close allies for some time.

Members of the Venezuelan opposition has stated that they believe the recent state of emergency is an effort to prevent the same sort of impeachment that happened in Brazil just days earlier.

The state of emergencies details have not yet been released, but it is likely that it will suspend some guarantees under the constitution. If it is anything like a recent state of emergency declared on the Colombian border than it isn’t likely the suspensions will include any human-rights based guarantees.

Venezuela had already been under a 60 day economic state of emergency since January 14th, which was later extended again in March. This state of emergency gave the president the ability to intervene in companies in order to provide basic goods for Venezuelans.

Maduro said in an statement that the most recent state of emergency will give him the powers to protect the Venezuelan people and begin to recover the country from its recent and rapid recession. More info on that HERE.