In the first congressional meeting of North Korea’s ruling party (the DPRK) since 1980, Kim Jong-Un has reportedly told party members that the state will not use its nuclear weapons unless it sovereignty is aggressively threatened by another nuclear state.

In March the North released a statement that threatened “preemptive nuclear strikes of justice” against the South in response to annual war games conducted between South Korea and The US.

Mr. Kim added that the state will “faithfully fulfil its obligation for nonproliferation and strive for the global denuclearisation”. North Korea began developing nuclear weapons in 2006 after withdrawing itself from the global nuclear non-proliferation treaty in 2003.

Mr. Kim also announced that they will “improve and normalize” relations with countries who respect the DPRK’s sovereignty, even if they hadn’t in the past, and that there should be more talks with the south in order to build trust.

It has been theorized that the congressional meeting was called to elect new officials to the ruling party and to solidify Kim Jong-Un’s rule for the distant future.

Foreign journalists were invited to Pyongyang to cover the meeting, but are being kept at a distance from the event, as a result all information that has been coming out has been reported by state-owned media.

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