For the second time in 6 months the messaging service WhatsApp had been blocked in Brazil, this time it followed the court order of a single state level judge. The court order would have prevented nearly 100 million Brazilians, roughly half the country’s population, from using the app for 72 hours.

Just 24 hours after the 72 hour ban was implemented a separate judge has ordered the ban to be lifted. Last December another judge had ordered the app to be blocked for 48 hours, this ban was also promptly lifted by a separate judge’s ruling.

WhatsApp and Brazil have been involved in an ongoing battle recently over access to customer messaging data. Brazil has maintained that the information is vital to drug trafficking and organized crime investigations, while WhatsApp has continuously insisted that it doesn’t have access to the requested information.

WhatsApp has recently been rolling out an end-to-end encryption system that prevents everyone except the sender and receiver from viewing the information sent. In addition to this, WhatsApp has made clear that it also doesn’t store any of the data on its servers