Hundreds of pages of the controversial TTIP that have been leaked by Greenpeace may be enough to cripple the deal, according to campaigners.

The leaked documents reveal remaining areas of contention between the EU and the US and how The States is attempting to pressure the EU to change key regulations that are designed to protect consumers from potentially hazardous products.

The US wants the EU to weaken their “Precautionary Principle” which allows for a “rapid response in the face of a possible danger to human, animal or plant health”. The principle essentially allows for products that may cause harm to be removed from the market without requiring that it be proven without a doubt first.

The US is pushing for the EU to adopt an approach similar to their own, which only attempts to minimise potential risk to consumers, rather than entirely avoid them when they seem apparent.

Additionally, the US want the EU to inform them and their companies whenever changes to similar regulations are made, and that US companies have the same amount of say in these changes as European companies do.

According to the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, who obtained 240 pages of the text, the US has also been blocking European car exports to the US in an attempt to force the EU to buy more US farm produce that have been deemed “environmentally risky” because of various hormone and gene treatments.