An investigation by Huffington Post and Fairfax Media has revealed a massive ring of systematic corruption within the oil industry. The investigation of Unaoil, an oil company from Monaco, has yielded a cache of hundreds of thousands of documents and emails which tie numerous major companies and firms into the global scandal.

Unaoil works as a contractor for major global corporation and gives a front of legality that provides its customers with a degree of non-culpability. They provide large government financed contracts to international corporations in oil rich, and often poorly governed, countries by bribing officials and committees.

In 2007 Unaoil was certified by the anti-corruption agency Trace International which has raised questions about the effectiveness of these sorts of agencies. Unaoil has said that it works by integrating “Western technology with local capabilities” and that all of these activities are legal.

The investigation has yielded instances of illegal bribery in numerous countries in the middle east. The nations include The UAE, Kuwait, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iran and Iraq. Each of these countries had millions paid to officials in order to secure contracts, including $25 million in Iraq alone.

Unaoil is run by the Ahsani family who have members on numerous NGOs and are members of the world’s elite class. The companies they serve include Rolls-Royce, Samsung, Petrofac, Hyundai and Halliburton, among many others.

Only the first part of the investigation has been revealed, the second part will involve former Russian states and the third and final will involve countries in Asia.