After a six week legal battle the US government has dropped its legal case against Apple. The decision to do so came after they successfully pulled data from the Iphone 5c of the San Bernardino shooter without the assistance of the tech company.

The government has announced that the technique used to access the data, which reportedly came from a non-government source, has been classified and refused to state whether or not the technique can be used with Iphones other than the 5c.

It has been speculated that they used a security glitch to get around the encryption and have declined to state whether or not they will be sharing the method with Apple, allowing security to be bolstered.

The original legal case requested that Apple create an alternate version of the iOS that would allow infinite attempts at unlocking a phone without consequence. Doing this would allow the government to break into the phone in question by sheer force. The fear from many was that this would allow the government to break into any phone that they chose.

The source of the technique that was eventually used to get into the phone of the San Bernardino shooter has only been described as non-governmental. Though Israel based cyber security firm Cellebrite has mentioned that it is involved in some aspect with the case. Also, near the beginning of the case hacking legend John McAfee announced in an open letter that he would be able to hack into the phone in 3 weeks, using primarily social engineering, and that he would do it for free.