US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won major victories in the states of Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. Senator Sanders performed better than predicted in all states, winning by over 70% in Hawaii and Washington and by over 80% in Alaska.

In a speech in Madison Wisconsin Sander told supporters that they had expected the election would be difficult at first, as it began in the more conservative deep south, and that they also expected to gain momentum as they moved towards the more liberal West.

As it stands now Clinton has 1,234 delegates to Sanders 956 with both contestants needing 2,383 in order to secure the Democratic nomination. Clinton has an additional 469 “Superdelegates” to Sanders 29. However, these delegates are unpledged members of the Democratic party and are able to switch sides at any point during the nomination process, and have done so before.

Mr. Sanders has won the previous 5 contests after suffering 8 losses in a row to Mrs. Clinton. Sanders is also projected to do well in the next contest in Wisconsin, which pledges 96 delegates. However, Mrs. Clinton may have an advantage in her home state of New York, 2 contests from now, which pledges a massive 291 delegates.