The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, valued at 830 billion USD at the time of writing this, recently made the decision to divest in 11 companies which have been linked to irresponsible deforestation.

Since 2012 Norway’s Government Pension Fund has divested from 50 companies due to practices involving deforestation, and another 8 companies who contributed to severe environmental damage in rainforests.

A sovereign wealth fund is an investment fund that is owned by a State. Norway’s fund was able to grow to such a large sum through the heavy taxation of the country’s oil industry, the government takes 78% of revenue after profits and R&E.

Despite having most of its revenue derived from oil companies, and the industry making up 25% of the nation’s GDP, the fund appears to take sustainable and responsible investment seriously.

Six of the eleven companies that the fund recently divested from for deforestation were palm oil companies, another four were wood pulp and paper companies, and the final was a coal company. A full investment exclusion list can be found here.