A newly proposed deal between the EU and Turkey could finally create some stability in the refugee crisis.

Under the new deal all irregular migrants in Greece will be returned to Turkey, and for every migrant settled back in Turkey the EU will accept and settle one within its borders. In return for this, the process of allowing visa-free travel for Turkish citizen within Europe will be sped-up, planning to be done by june of 2016.

Additionally, the payment of $3.3 billion that was promised to Turkey by the EU in October will be sped up, though Turkey reportedly asked for double the amount. Part of the deal made in October included the promise of talks by the EU to allow Turkey into the Union, the new deal would initiate preparations for these talks.

The deal has been stressed as an important stepping stone in dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe. Cooperation with Turkey is seen as vital, as it is a major route for migrants fleeing Syria and surrounding regions. Nearly 2,000 migrants arrive in Greece everyday, most coming on boats from Turkey.

The final details of the new agreement will be worked out prior to the migration summit on march 17-18th. Though, British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that his country will not be playing a part in the new settlement plan, despite encouraging it. Hungary has announced that it refuses to support the deal, though it is willing to work on the proposals.