The largest energy lobbying organization in the UK, Energy UK, has shown in a report a dramatic shift in its stance on renewable and low-carbon energy options. The organization, which has long campaign on behalf of fossil fuels, has officially announced that it is endorsing low-carbon alternatives.

Energy UK’s Chief Executive, Lawrence Slade, said that it would make sense for the UK’s government to adopt an energy plan similar to Germany, though ensuring that it makes regional sense. Slade explained the U-turn in support by saying: “No one wants to be running the next Nokia”, essentially that the market is changing and if they don’t adapt quickly they will be left to far behind to recover.

The organization wants to see the phasing out of coal-fired power plants by the British government, as well as renewed subsidies for the wind and solar sectors to make up for the lost power generation from the change over. The report also stressed the need to develop energy storage systems in order to reduce down times created by inconsistent energy production.

The report was primarily directed at policy makers in the UK and encouraged movement away from the current system of major power generating stations to a decentralized system. It has been met with positive encouragement by many climate activists and forward thinking economists.