Protests, which having gone onto their second day, have been raging in Northern state of Haryana, India, resulting in the death of at least 9. The demonstrations are primarily being carried out by members of the Jat community, an upper caste group. The protesters believe that the countries caste quota system, which reserves nearly half of places within state institutions for members of disadvantaged castes, has placed the upper castes at a drawback.

Protesters have been torching and damaging police cars, public building and other vehicles in Rohtak district towns surrounding Delhi. Other Reports suggest demonstrations by Jats may also be taking place in places like Jammu and Kashmir. It has also claimed that the army had open fired on the demonstrators saturday, when protests erupted despite an imposed curfew. The Minister of Haryana State has announced that he is ready to concede to the demands of the protestors, within constitutional grounds.

Protesters have also damaged equipment in the Munak Canal, which supplies the majority of water to Delhi. The Delhi government has announced that they only have enough water supplies to last until Sunday and that schools have been closed for Monday. The national railway system in Northern India, as well as major highways and roads, have been blocked off. The regional government has asked for assistance from the supreme court to help with the water crisis, while the local opposition has called for presidential rule to be imposed.