According to a report by an independent human rights group in Syria, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Russian airstrikes killed 679 civilians in the month of January. The terrorist organizations ISIS and Al-Nusra killed 98 and 42 civilians respectively during the same timeframe. 1,382 civilians in total were killed in the Syrian conflict in January. The majority of those killed were by Russian forces.

Eyewitness testimonies, which the report uses to confirm deaths, have stated that 90% of the Russian strikes are on civil points and on civilians themselves. Though last month, in the Russian government’s monthly press conference on its campaign, officials claimed that they have never targeted civilians. They have also previously said that they have never missed and nor have any of the strikes caused collateral damage to civilians.

Another report, by a separate non-government organization in Syria, which was recently released updated the total death toll from the war to 470,000, including rebel and government forces. The number has more than doubled since the UN reported the death toll in 2014.