A deal agreed upon on friday, between the US, Russia, European powers and regional powers, aims to bring relief in war torn Syria. The deal was announced by US Secretary of State John Kerry and functions to cease hostilities between the Syrian government and opposition forces, as well as “accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid“.

The deal does not, however, apply to forces in conflict with terrorist organizations, or Russia’s bombing operations in Syria’s largest city, Aleppo. Russia’s operations in the city are widely seen as attempts to strengthen government advances against opposition forces like The Free Syrian Army, who see the cease fire as a government opportunity to surround the city. If the city is recaptured from the opposition it may prevent the forceful removal of the Syrian Regime.

However, the deal may finally be the stepping-stone need for full humanitarian access to the civilian population. Previous attempts had been blocked either by the Assad regime or opposition, despite promises to allow access. Since the civil war broke out in 2011 nearly 250,000 people have been killed, with another 400,000 facing starvation in besieged areas. More than half the Syrian population has been displace, about 13.5 million people, with 4.5 million of them fleeing the country entirely.

The deal was given a vague implementation date of a week.