A report by Amnesty International states that “New satellite images, video footage, and witness accounts” constitutes strong evidence that the government of Burundi has dug and filled mass graves outside its capital, Bujumbura. The report goes on to suggest that it is an attempt to cover up and prevent a comprehensive investigation into attacks on the public.

The UN has said that at least 439 have been killed since protests broke out over President Pierre Nkurunziza decision to run for a third term. The announcement came in April, and in May the country’s constitutional court ruled in favour of the decision. There were reports that the court had been intimidated into allowing it.

87 people were killed on December 11th in a government crackdown that followed attacks on a military sites. The UN is also analyzing satellite images of 9 other suspected mass graves, one of which may have over 100 bodies. 240,000 people have fled the region since the conflict began.