Transparency International released their annual Corruption Index, which lists countries public-sector corruption with a score of 1 to 100 based on expert opinions, the higher the better. This year showed some improvement from last year, 64 countries improved from last year, but the global average was still 43.

This years champion was Denmark with a score of 91, a 1 point drop from the year before when they were also number 1. Finland was a close second with a score of 90, followed by Sweden at 89.

The States was tied for 16th with Austria who both had a score of 76, good news for the states as last year they were 17th. Russia, ranked 119th alongside Azerbaijan, saw its rank improved by 27 positions from the year before.

The Countries with the worst public-sector corruption were North Korea and Somalia who were both tied at 8, they were in the same position the year before. Of the 163 countries studied, two thirds scored below 50.