Brazil recently announced a number of measures they will be taking to combat the growing Zika Virus pandemic. The virus has been linked to Microcephaly in newborn infants, a condition which results in a brain damage from an undersized head.

The Brazilian government has deployed the military to hand out leaflets which contain measures people can take to prevent the viruses further spread. The leaflets will also contain information on how to eradicate the breeding grounds of the mosquito which carries virus.

In edition to spreading information on the virus, a town in Southern Brazil will also be releasing millions of genetically modified male mosquitoes. These mosquitoes have been altered to produce offspring that won’t survive to adulthood. This will effectively destroy an entire generation of mosquitoes, drastically reducing their population. The facility producing the modified breed has the capacity to protect 300,000 people from Zika, in addition to Dengue and other mosquito borne viruses.